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Take Highway 50 west past Royal Gorge.  Texas creek will be on the right side of the road before you reach Cotapaxi




The Texas Creek area is filled with Jeep & ATV trails. It is a fun riding area located at about 9,000' along the Arkansas River in South Central Colorado. This area is in the high mountain desert so expect warmer temperatures than most other Colorado destinations in the summer. Some mountain trails lead as high as 3,000' above the valley where the views are absolutely awesome!

Most trails in the area are suitable for vehicles as big as Jeeps but some are only big enough for ATVs, such as the trail from Reese Gulch to Table Mountain.

Many of the trails circle around Table Mountain, which is easily visible from most places along the trail. On the eastern side of Table Mountain, the terrain is mostly a high field with one area that is open and flat enough for you to let out the throttle. On the western side of Table Mountain, the terrain is a completely different experience with many unique rock formations. The trails here are sandier than the eastern side.

Texas Creek

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