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It is recommended you do not attempt this trail in a stock vehicle. Most of the obstacles are in the first half of the trail and while there are bypasses to the obstacles they have now been rutted to the point that they are as difficult as the obstacle on the main trail. This trail is narrow in places and can be difficult for wider, longer wheel-based vehicles.




Take Nevada Avenue or Highway 115 South to Lake Avenue and turn west. At the circle intersection before the Broadmoor Hotel turn right and go around the Hotel. The CSC4W club typically meets at the St. Paul Catholic Church behind the Broadmoor Hotel before heading out for the trail together. Take Old Stage Rd. until it turns into Gold Camp Road and travel for about 13 miles, go past the Rosemont reservoir and watch for signs on the right for road FR370C.


Trail Description


Eagle Rock is a short trail that is only slightly longer than 2 miles in length but the return route can be about 4 miles depending upon the route you choose. Saran Wrap (FR370D) is a trail close by and it is possible to run both trails on the same trip. Its customary to run the trail from south to north


After opening up to a meadow from which you can see Eagle Rock the trail goes up hill and most of the obstacles are steep slopes with loose rocks. It's always best to have a spotter assist over the rocks as there are many to avoid. If you like to blast up a trail this is not the trail for you. After entering the steep portion of the trail you will turn left into a maze of rocks. We have never been able to decide if the correct line is to go left or right. After clearing this obstacle you will climb a small shelf and immediately turn right. The next obstacle is a sharp turn to the left with a large rock in the trail and then you will travel a short distance before encountering two trees growing close together, so pull in your mirrors, particularly if you are driving a wide vehicle. The next and really last obstacle is a V shaped wash out that can be easily navigated if you pick the right line or have lots of clearance. You will then come out to a meadow (Deer Park) and then you will need to decide which route to take.


The trail is now FR379 and to the left is a route that is scenic and has a couple obstacles that if you are careful are not very difficult. This route will take you to FR376A and Bull Park and then to Gold Camp Rd. The route to the right will take you to Frosty Park on the Mt. Baldy Trail and then back to Gold Camp Rd.

Eagle Rock

GPS Coordinates: 38°44'08.1"N 104°59'16.8"W 

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