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Georgia Pass is an easy trail that can be easily traversed in a capable 4WD vehicle provided there is not a significant amount of snow on the trail. The west portion of the trail from is slightly more difficult than the east portion of the trail.





From Colorado Springs take Highway 24 for about 67 miles to just past Hartsel and go north on State Road 9 for 7.5 miles to the junction of SR9 and Highway 285. Take Highway 285 into Fairplay where SR 9 goes north to Breckenridge. Take SR9 about 20 miles into Breckenridge. Go north of Breckenridge for about 3 miles to Tiger Road and follow the signs of County Road 6.


From Colorado Springs take Highway 24 to just past Lake George and turn north on County Road 77 for about 32 miles to Jefferson. Across Highway 285 take County Road 54. County Road 54 will take you to the top of Georgia Pass.


Trail Description


Before the establishment of the Colorado Territory in 1861 Georgia Pass was the boundary between the Kansas and Utah Territories. Georgia Pass is a scenic old wagon road that was used to transport supplies from the South Park area to the miners around Breckenridge. The heavily forested old wagon road up Georgia Pass is very picturesque and loaded with history. Georgia Pass is near timber line with long views to the west and back to the east over the old wagon trail.

Parkville was the largest of the mining towns along Georgia Pass but the only remains of the town are the historic Parkville cementary. At it's peak Parkville was home to approximately 10,000 in the 1860s.

Georgia Pass is a 4WD road that takes you from Breckenridge on the west to Jefferson on the east and is about 23 miles in length. The east side of the pass is about 12 miles in length, is very easy and in most situations can be traveled without going into 4WD. As the trail opens up into a wide meadow there is a sign that will let you know that you have made it to the top of the pass. At the top of Georgia Pass you have a nice view of Mount Guyot, which is the treeless cone shaped peak to the west. The peak of Mt. Guyot is 13,300 ft above sea level.

If you travel from Breckenridge the trail is about 11 miles from Highway 9 to the top of the pass. There are some rocks that you will need to navigate around just before reaching the meadow at the high point of the Pass. This is the portion of the trail that your vehicle will need high clearance and 4WD. The west side approach also has some moguls that add to the fun of the trail.

The trail rises in elevation from 9500 ft to 11585 ft above sea level at the highest point of the pass.

Georgia Pass

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