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It is recommended you do not attempt this trail in a stock vehicle without lockers and significant clearance. The Metal Mashers 4WD club recommends that you not travel this trail unless your vehicle has at least 35 inch tires. While most of the trail is very easy there is a stretch that is extremely difficult due to the presence of some very large rocks in a dry arroyo.




From Colorado Springs travel north to Denver. On the southside of Denver take C470 west to I70. From I-70 go west to Highway 9l. Take Highway 9 north to Kremmling and turn right to follow Park Avenue (Highway 40) through town. Turn left on 22nd Street (the BLM office is on the corner). Turn left off of the pavement onto Cow Gulch Road, County Road 224. Follow this dirt road for 1.3 miles to the trailhead on the right, just before Mulberry Hill.


Trail Description


When you first travel Sidewinder you wonder what giant dropped these recliner sized rocks in this arroyo. Its only after a little research you realize that is what happened, well almost. The Sidewinder trail is the result of a cooperative effort between a Kremmling 4WD club and the BLM. Next time you meet up with a member of the Metal Mashers 4WD club be sure to thank them for showing the government and the local population that a 4WD club can be responsible citizens and protect the environment while still enjoying a favorite pastime.


What Metal Mashers did was basically take a relatively easy trail and through judiciously placing some very large rocks and railroad ties create a very difficult trail. What I was struck by is how well maintained the trail is and how the Metal Mashers has really taken to heart the responsiblity of maintaining the trail and its surroundings.


Sidewinder is a relatively short trail that is almost 2 miles in length. When you run the Sidewinder trail make sure you strictly adhere to the rules of Tread Lightly as the environment is typical of Grand County. The area around the trail is very dry with very little vegetation outside of sagebrush and cedars.


At the beginning of the trail is an obstacle called the guardian. If the guardian obstacle scares you don't even bother with the rest of the trail. After the guardian the trail becomes very tame for a stretch then there are a couple of other significant obstacles which are some strategically placed rocks on some steep inclines. The exit of the trail returns you to the trail as it was before Metal Mashers turned a passive trail into a terror. 


GPS Coordinates: N40 04.760 W106 22.497

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