Schubarth Road

Trail Rating 2


This is one of the longer trails in the Rampart Range Road area, and it is the most popular one on the south end closer to Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs. Though most of it is fairly easy and is rated a 2, one of the far ends gets fairly difficult and gives this trail its 4 rating.



The quickest way is to come in from Woodland Park. Coming from Highway 24 south of Woodland Park, turn right onto Baldwin Street. When you come to the "Y" in the road, take the right-most fork to Loy Creek Road. It ends at Rampart Range Road, and Schubarth Road starts directly across the road.


  1. Highway 24 west to Woodland Park

  2. Turn right at the light before McDonalds (Baldwin Street)

  3. Stay on this road through town and into foothills

  4. Take right turn on Loy Creek Road

  5. When Loy Creek Road meets Rampart Range Road, continue straight across Rampart Range Road

  6. This road becomes Shubarth Trail  - stay on this road

  7. Stay on main trail at fork – left is 307A – bear right

  8. Turn left on 311 to do the loop clockwise (recommended)

  9. Bear right on 311A to continue loop – left is spur to view of AFA

  10. At 313 junction, go straight for view of AFA or right to continue loop

  11. On Loop, turn right on 307 to return to starting point

Trail Description

You start almost due east of Woodland Park off of Rampart Range Road. It starts off fairly easily, though you must maintain the 10mph speed limit as you go through the private property at the start. It isn't long before you head into the trees for the rest of the trail.

Continue on and you'll find yourself at a crossroads. The trail is in the shape of a "Y" and this is the center of it. The right half of the top of the "Y" leads to a short hiking trail to an overlook, and the left half of the "Y" dead ends after going through some technical sections.

If you take the right half first, follow Forest Service road 307 to the end. There is a fairly large turnaround area here, though you should park and hike a bit down the trail. The trail is wide and starts on the other side of the fence. If you go down the trail until it starts downhill there is a large rock outcropping on the right of the trail. Climb up these rocks to view the other side and you can see the entire valley. The view includes Monument to the north and Colorado Springs to the south.

Start back the way you came, but for a bit more of a challenge take Forest Service road 313 back instead. It's much less traveled and it makes it more interesting. It weaves through the trees and soon brings you back to FS road 307.

When you get back to the crossroads, take Forest Service road 311 to visit the left half of the "Y." This half is just a little longer. Most of it is fairly easy, but then you get to the far end where it switchbacks and weaves through a tight section around some large boulders. A full-sized vehicle or truck may not be able to get through here, and if this looks too difficult you may want to turn around here.

After the boulders the trail is much less traveled. The trees get closer and closer, and eventually they get too close to pass through. The trail turns into one only wide enough for an ATV and keeps going, so you have to turn around here. Turning around is not particularly easy, and there isn't much room.

Head back to the "Y" and out the way you originally came in at Rampart Range Road.

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