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It is recommended you do not attempt this trail in a stock vehicle. This is a very short trail, just slightly over a mile in length but is a fun trail with lots of obstacles that will challenge you and your vehicle. Due to the changes in the terrain it's also a trail that should only be attempted by an experienced driver.




Take Nevada Ave. or Hwy 115 South to Lake Avenue and turn west. At the circle intersection before the Broadmoor Hotel turn right and go around the Hotel. The CSC4W club usually meets at the Penrose Catholic Church behind the Broadmoor Hotel before heading out to the trail together. Take Old Stage until it turns into Gold Camp road and travel for about 13 miles, go past the Rosemont reservoir and watch for signs on the right for road FR370D.


Trail Description


Saran Wrap is a short trail that the club runs on the same trip as Eagle Rock. The entrance to Saran Wrap is just past the entrance to Eagle Rock when traveling from Colorado Springs. A couple hundred yards after you start the trail you will encounter a Y intersection in the trail. Take the branch to the right, the left branch will quickly take you to a dead end which is frequently used as a campsite.


The trail is very steep and covered with loose shale rock that erodes into gullies that can create significant obstacles themselves. The most difficult obstacle in the trail is close to the peak of the trail. The obstacle is a couple of significantly sized joined rocks that are borded by trees.


The return trail starts just to the east of this obstacle and is again very steep with the same loose shale and with several close trees that create a very tight squeeze, so make sure you fold in your mirrors before descending. A couple hundred yards after you start the descent you can turn to the left to cross over to Eagle Rock or to the right to return to the start of Saran Wrap. Be careful on your descent as the wash outs will create some off camber situations for the vehicle.

Saran Wrap

GPS Coordinates: N38 44.191 W104 59.532

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