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Most of the trails around Rainbow Falls can be easily traveled in a capable 4WD vehicle. There are a couple of difficult stair step obstacles on a couple of the trails but these obstacles have easy bypasses. Where the trail transitions from 350B to 350A is a steep, rocky hill that several members of the club use to show off the abilities of their vehicles. Rainbow Falls is a popular ATV recreation area, so watch out for them as they travel much faster than we do in our much larger SUVs.




From Colorado Springs take Hwy 24 west for 17 miles to Woodland Park. In Woodland Park take Hwy 67 north to just past the Douglas county line. Shortly after crossing the Douglas County line take a right to Rainbow Falls. Travel just past a small creek and use the parking lot on the right to stage your vehicle. The parking lot is marked as TH on the map, which is an abbreviation for Trail Head.


Trail Description


Rainbow Falls is not a single trail but more of an area with a seemingly unlimited number of trails. Rainbow Falls is an area with lots of ATV trails so be on the watch for them and if you find yourself on a trail that starts to get very narrow you are probably on a trail that sees mostly ATV traffic. When you start out on a trail check the legend to make sure it's designated for SUV traffic. The route we take through Rainbows Falls is sometimes referred to in the 4WD community as Illinois Gulch.

There are many signs in the area warning people that all off-highway vehicles operated in Colorado must be registered with Colorado State Parks, including those of non-residents. This is a warning that is usually intended for the ATV vehicles. For more information, visit the State Parks OHV Registration Page. Street legal vehicles with valid license plates do not need to be registered.

The trails covered by the club in the Rainbow Falls area are up to the discretion of the trip leaders but typically we travel 350 to 350B to 348 to 344 to play on the steps or sometimes called Moab Hill and then exit out 347. An interesting stop on this trip is Quartz Mountain. Quartz Mountain is a small hill that was hollowed out to mine the quartz rock in the area. There is still plenty of quartz rock in around the area of the mining. We can no longer drive our vehicles into Quartz Mountain as it is private property and is blocked by the owners.

If you are in an exploring mood another trail to take is Trail 351 to Rampart Range Road, then Mt Herman Road to I25. Its a long slow trip but an interesting and different way to return home.

Rainbow Falls

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