Transfer Trail
Blair Mountain Flat Tops

Overland Trip August 30th - September 2nd.

We will have a multi-day overland trip over Labor Day Weekend. This will be a unified trip so Group 1 and Group 2 drivers may participate. We will be in the "Flat Tops" area North of Glenwood Springs for this trip. While this trip is open to Group 1 drivers, be aware that there are some difficult portions that we'll be going through so it would be best to have a capable rig (at least one locker) and some trail experience. The Transfer Trail, which is how we'll get into the Flat Tops, is rated difficult by Funtreks.

This will be an overlanding trip which means we will be wheeling and camping in different locations along the multi-day route. Each evening we'll be setting up camp, taking it down the next morning and then taking it all with us to the next location.

This will be an area not yet explored by the club so it should be interesting, beautiful and fun.

If you are planning on attending this trip, you should reserve lodging in Glenwood Springs on Thursday night before we start the trip. We will be starting the trail on Friday morning August 30th. We plan to meet in the parking lot of the Glenwood Skate Park at 8:30 AM to prepare for the trip. We will likely air down here as the Transfer Trail starts just a short distance from here.

We plan to camp 3 nights along the trails so come prepared with everything you need Friday morning. 

The trip leaders will be Kirk, Sam, and Doug.

If you have questions about this trip, please contact Kirk.


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