Group 2 Trips on August 17th

We will have two separate Group 2 trips on August 17th. Choose wisely!


One group will be going to the Wheeler Lake trail.  This is a beautiful and difficult trail and it is recommended that you have at least a rear locker as this trail has some difficult obstacles. A winch is also recommended but not necessary.

The trail leaders will be Sam, Emilio, Brett and Jason.


For the Wheeler Lake trip we will meet at the Exxon Gas Station in Fairplay at 9 AM. From there we'll head to the trailhead. 


The other trip will be to Red Cone, Radical Hill and then S.O.B. Hill.  This trip is also DIFFICULT and we recommend 35" tires and lockers for it. This will likely be a long day on the trails.

The trail leaders will be Kirk, Mike and Doug. 


For the Red Cone trip we will be meeting at the intersection of Hwy 285 and County Road 60 (Hall Valley Rd.) at 9 AM. We will air down here and prepare for the trip. 


It may be a good idea to camp in the area of these two trails so you don't have to travel the long distance to the meeting place early in the morning. There are campsites and dispersed camping near both. Since these are full-day trips, please bring enough food and snacks along with you to eat along the trails.

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