Wheeling near St. Elmo August 3rd, 2024

This weekend there will be both Group 1 and Group 2 trips in the St. Elmo area.

Group 1 will venture to beautiful Pomeroy Lake.  The leaders will be Sam and Jim.

Group 2 will do Mount Antero and Browns Lake.  The leaders will be Kirk and Mike.

For both goups, we will meet on the East side of St. Elmo in the large gravel parking lot at 9 AM. We will air down there and get prepared for the two trips. 

If you would like to camp in the area Friday night to make it easier to get to the meeting place Saturday morning you are welcome to do so. There are several places to camp at dispersed sites. Most of the official campgrounds in the area are very busy and usually full. We may send out some locations of where to camp when we get closer to the trip.

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