Chinaman 2022(1)
Thirtynine Mile

Unified Memorial Day Trip May 24th through May 27th, 2024

Memorial Day weekend will be a new experience for the club. On Friday, May 24th, we will be meeting at the Safeway on West Colorado Ave at 8 A.M. From there, we'll head West to Lake George and turn South on gravel, around the South side of Eleven Mile Resevoir, then heading over some trails around Thirtynine Mile Mountain and taking a back way to the area Southeast of Yansing Gulch (formerly known as Chinaman Gulch). We will plan to camp at a dispersed campsite (or separate if necessary) during the weekend. Be prepared to move camp if necessary, but hopefully we can have a "basecamp" for the weekend.

For most of the weekend we plan to be away from any towns with the exception of Group 2 being close to Johnson Village on Saturday morning. All other times will be spent on trails or at camp so be prepared to bring everything you need with you.

On Saturday, we plan to run Yansing Gulch for the Group 2 people. For Group 1 we have a couple options in the area. 

On Sunday, we will discuss among the groups what trails we want to do. 

Trail Leaders: Kirk, Emilio, Doug and Glenn.

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