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Unified camping and Group 1 and Group 2 trips August 5th

The weekend of August 5th, we will have a unified camping trip and group 1 and group 2 trips in the St. Elmo area.


At last check, all of the reservable camping in that area is already taken so you will need to plan to arrive early to one of the first-come, first-served camping areas east of St. Elmo.  Otherwise, there are several dispersed campsites with no facilities along the trail to Tincup Pass.


Group 1 will take the trail to the top of Tincup Pass.  


Leaders will be Emilio and Brett  


Group 2 had hoped to do Williams Pass - which is only open the month of August every year. THAT PLAN HAS CHANGED due to that trail being closed this year because of the work being done to rehabilitate the rock wall on the Alpine Tunnel trail that is on the South end of Williams. Crews are storing materials along this route so it will remain closed this year. The news of this closure was just announced today.

With that, we have decided to run the GRIZZLY LAKE trail instead. This is a difficult trail due to the one obstacle at the start of the trail called The Gatekeeper. It is a tall rock wall that is just past a stream crossing. After that point it is a steep rocky climb but no major obstacles. This trail is just South of St. Elmo and ends at beautiful Grizzly Lake.

This trail is much more difficult than Williams Pass so those of you that were planning on a moderate Group 2 trip will need to be prepared. 33" tires and a locker (or two) are highly suggested. Front and rear tow points are mandatory in case you need help on the obstacle.

This is a pretty short trail so if time permits, there may be time to do another trail in the area.


Leaders will be Kirk, Sam and Mike.


Both groups will depart at 9:00AM from the parking area just east of St. Elmo

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