Colorado Springs Christian 4-Wheelers

Date Event
April 28th RAM Off-Road Park
  12800 CO-94 Colorado Springs CO  80929
Admission $10.00 per vechicle (Normally $20 - RAM is providing $5.00 discount and club is paying $5.00)
9:00 Meeting to discuss day
9:30 Open Wheeling on the different trails an obstacles at the park
11:00  Winching workshop - learn how to correctly and safely use your winch
Leaders Pete, Ward and Dan
May 12th Unified Club Trip to the Gulches
8:00 Free breakfast at Perkins
9:00 Depart for Gulches
Group 1 Metberry Gulch
Leaders Jim and Dan
Group 1/2 Longwater Gulch
Leaders Glen and Tom
Group 2 Hackett Gulch
Leaders Kirk, Glenn, Ernie
5:00 Free Dinner at Luthern Valley Retreat (LVR) 
May 25th-28th Memorial Day - Moab, Utah Unified Trip
8:00 Meet Saturday morning in City Market parking lot
  Trails TBD
Leaders Glen and Ward
May 26th Rainbow Falls - Group 1 Trip
8:00 Meet at Safeway on West Colorado 
Leaders Denny and TBD
June 8th-9th Unified Camping and Medano Pass
June 9th @ 9:00 Meet at trail head on Highway 69
Leaders Glen and Glenn
June 23rd Trail Cleanup Day
8:00 St. Pauls Parking Lot
12:00ish Lunch Provided
Optional Trails After cleanup if time provides
Group 1 Mount Baldy Trails
Leaders Jim and Dan
Group 2 Eagle Rock
Leaders Dave and Glen
July 7th Group 1 and 2 trips
Group 1 China Wall
8:00 Safeway on West Colorado
Leaders Tom and TBD
Group 2 Chinaman Gulch
9:00  Trail Head parking lot
Leaders Ward and Jeremy
Group 3 Carnage Canyon
9:00 Trail Head parking lot
Leader Pete
July 13th - 15th Set Them Free Event
  Chaffee County Fairground
July 21st Group 2 Trip to Iron Chest
7:00 Safeway on West Colorado
Leaders Dave and Pete
July 28th Group 1 Trip to Mount Antero
7:00 Safeway on West Colorado
Leaders Glen, Glenn and Denny
August 4th Breakfast and Group 1 and Group 2 trips
8:00 Breakfast at Faricy
9:00 Depart for Trails
Group 1 Shubarth Trail
Leaders Tom and Dan
Group 2 Eagle Rock/Saran Wrap
Leaders Ward and Eric
August 17th - 18th Unified Camping and Group 1 and Group 2 trips
Camping Kenosha Pass Campground
9:00 on 18th Hall Valley Road
Group 1 Webster Pass and Sts. Johns
Leaders Kirk and Eric
Group 2 Red Cone and Radical Hill
Leaders Dan and Glen
August 31st - Sept 3rd Labor Day trips to Moab and Ouray
8:00 - Sept 1st Outlaw Jeep Adventures Parking Lot
Trails TBD
Leaders Dave, Jeremy
6:00PM Group social event (TBD)
8:00 - Sept 1st Hot Springs Pool Parking Lot
Group 1 Alpine Loop - Engineer Pass and Cinammon Pass
Leaders Denny and TBD
Group 2 Poughkeepsie Gulch, Hurricane Pass, Corkscrew Gulch
Leaders Dan and TBD
8:00 - Sept 2nd Hot Springs Pool Parking Lot
Group 2 Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass
Leaders Denny and Dan
September 15th Group 1 and Group 2 trips
Group 1 McAllister Gulch
9:00 Trail Head
Leaders Jason and TBD
Group 2 Holy Cross
9:00  Trail Head
Leaders Glen and Jeremy
September 29th Breakfast and Trail Cleanup Day #2
8:00 Breakfast at 4-wheel parts
9:00  Depart for trail cleanup
  Optional trail runs if time permits (TBD)
October 13th Club Picnic (TBD)
First Weekend in December Club Christmas Charity Event (TBD)
Leader Jim 

Schedule of Events

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